Ear Protector


This product speaks the same design language as all other Blaser products by Stan Maes. The Classic elegance in the form together with the premium materials in the typical bi-colour elements and the texture on the turning parts, attract the hunter at glance.

The active Blaser ear protectors instantly protect from loud gunfire by sound-activated compression and at the same amplify ambient noise. Thanks to their sleek design, they are predestined for shotgun and sports shooting. The included shells can be exchanged easily and come in orange camo, green camo and white camo.

The soft gel ear pads fit perfectly and optimally absorb the pressure needed to protect your ears. You can connect your cell phone or radio via an aux-connection. Using an adjusting wheel, you can switch the Blaser ear protectors on or off or regulate the volume of ambient noise. The active Blaser ear protectors come in a compact neoprene bag that fits ideally in any backpack.

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