Sherpa Miniloaders

The F10 is the second product in the Sherpa family that has been designed by Stan Maes. After the Z10 Mini-loader, also the exterior design of this full electric articulated loader arose in cooperation with Stan Maes.

From market research over first sketches to 3D CAD-model; all out of one hand.
The perfect articulated loader for smaller spaces! This machine is equipped with a strong yet maintenance-free lithium-ion battery, that has a particularly long lifespan. Therefore the F10 can be used for a full workday! The machine also has hydraulic quick lock and a high tractive force.

Like all other machines, the F10 is made of high-quality parts. This attention to quality increases the reliability and service life.

The F10 is a versatile powerhouse that is perfect for all sorts of applications in all kinds of terrain. This particular model is used in road construction, to install fences, as well as on farms and in riding arenas.

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The process