Sherpa Miniloaders

Sherpa develops and produces innovative mini-loaders and add-on parts to make a contribution to labour-friendly conditions. Because they believe that work should never be strenuous or burdensome to an extent that causes lasting harm for labourers. Hence the statement: Work smarter, not harder.

The next step in working smart – the Z10! A fully electric machine. The ergonomics of the Z10 have improved significantly: the driver stands in a more relaxed position and has everything he needs within hand-reach. Moreover, the E100 has an adjustable footplate, offers hip protection, and has an improved control panel.

The Z10 is dust tight and can be cleaned safely with a high pressure sprayer. The machine is only 76 centimetres wide and can therefore be manoeuvred easily through narrow spaces. Thanks to the powerful battery, the Z10 can be used up to six hours with only one charge. Any tools are (re)connected easily with the hydraulic quick release. We have also optimised the lift arm, so the driver has better sight of the load.

The Z10 E100 has four wheel motors and thus a very low cost of ownership. Most parts are produced locally and the machine is completely emission free. This makes the Z10 a particularly sustainable product. The Z10 is a quality product: designed based on comfort and lifespan!

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